Raikkonen and Lotus - Paradise Lost

Tossed aside by Ferrari, spending two years in the wilderness competing in WRC and various subcategories of NASCAR, few could have foreseen that Raikkonen's return to F1 with Lotus would align with the team's developing a phenomenal chassis overseen by James Allison, resulting in the Finn's being a consistent fixture on the podium throughout the 2012 season, the similarly excellent E21 ensuring he would continue to do so in 2013. But, two wins down the line, the mutual amicability between driver and team was lost in an instant (or, more accurately, in a team radio message), and so the relationship fell apart in somewhat explosive fashion on the public stage, Raikkonen leaving the team to join Ferrari, with whom, it seems, he will continue to sign one year contract extensions until the universe succumbs to heat death. It's a shame that Lotus, recognising that they were no longer of any use to Raikkonen, and therefore seeing themselves as having been stabbed in the back, became hostile as they did, where Williams' parting with Montoya provides an example of how a clean separation can be executed, leaving both parties with fond memories and positive reflections. Of course, Raikkonen was in a position of having nothing to lose in speaking out against Lotus for their contractual indiscretions and inability to make payments, in that he was assured of his moving to Ferrari when all was said and done. Spare a thought, then, for he who lacked for a back up plan, for which the ego of a superficially selfless man gravely compromised his future, and left him to piece together a life with an overhanging awareness of that which he had been denied. If there is one point that I've taken from this, it's that possession of the raw materials for worldly ascent must be tempered by sound guidance, which, in my case, has been most glaringly lacking, giving rise to the amusing situation of my now proclaiming the truths of life to those more innocent in spirit than I. Resentment does no tangible good, but I have to speak of these matters so as not to allow for a build up of repressed memories culminating in psychological implosion. In being so honest, there are to be no verbal flourishes or wanton displays of aestheticism in today's description, in that it would represent unwarranted excess in view of the personal import of that upon which I comment. I have to think that, in speaking of this, it will defuse the tensions latent to the issue in my mind, but I can't be sure of its working as desired, for which, transposing this to my wider approach to life, I have grown to live coldly, overlooking entirely my emotional drives at any given moment and doing only what I can be sure will alleviate undue suffrage. One more video posted, soon to move on to the next - and, just to note, the reason for my not posting yesterday evening was due to passing unnumbered hours out on the road, though propelled by a different machine to that which I have become accustomed to. Alas, as with anything, after ten minutes initial apparent newfound freedom, the propulsion of my little German machine to lands distant lost its initial charm, becoming one more colourless task among a multitude likely only to frustrate. Though rationality dictates that we're all fundamentally superfluous to the universe, it nonetheless causes severe aggravation when we recognise its being so by way of our being treated as such by another. The pendulum of power swings, with all those who chase after its draws eventually meeting ruin, not that anyone - the priest, the aspirational outcast, the revolutionary - is exempt from its temptations. Life will kill you, but that's not to say that you can't kill others whilst you're living, if it's that which you desire. Be discreet, and you'll go far. Be honest, and you'll burn bridges by happy accident, exposing what lies beneath the facades of various persons. Gladly, the nature of YouTube is such that, if ever someone should grow to dislike my content, they can simply click the unsubscribe button and go their own way, where, in other reaches of life, to court the disdain of another can easily cause severance of what once was a dream, found, in the depths of an unfathomable confusion, to be yet another falsehood, like all the rest. So, on balance, I think it logical that I continue to convey my thoughts on the virtual plain, being too untameable a creature to garner the supporters I need to excel in other spheres.