Manor's F1 Misadventure

The retrospectives series continues on its merry way, with today's video looking at Manor's attempts at establishing themselves within the F1 milieu, beleaguered throughout their seven season of competition by severe financial limitations (the affliction of any constructor not aligned with a manufacturer, as Williams continue to demonstrate), spawning the need to sign pay drivers whose pace was distinctly lacking. Manor were also met with two grave misfortunes, in the form of the loss both of Maria de Villota and Jules Bianchi to head injuries sustained in their cars, an unlikely coincidence of the nature of Malaysia Airlines' suffering two freak passenger plane crashes within one calendar year. To more positive reflections, the song used is a cover of Alkaline Trio's 'Mercy Me', a fine example of how a three chord punk song can be made to possess a peculiar form of depth, conveying lyrical sentiments that garner sympathy among the disillusioned who are led discover of such music by various gateway bands, my introduction having been provided by Green Day and Jimmy Eat World during the unending car journeys of lost youth. The production of the cover song isn't particularly fluid, but I find that it acts as a fine representation of what Manor stood for, in their having been, on some levels, a scrappily cobbled together team struggling simply to get by, or, as Martin Brundle would often sympathetically call them, a band of 'real racers'. No wonder, then, that Dave Greenwood has left his position at Ferrari as Kimi's race engineer to return across the channel to join the Lowdon-led Manor LMP1 effort. Somewhere along the line I lost a conception of why I posted these videos, but thankfully fading relevance and a reluctance to self-promote has brought me back to the place in which I once was. Success is relative, for which reason I'm overjoyed if I get so much as ten views on my photos uploaded to flickr, with the view count something that can easily deceive. All I know is that I quite enjoy typing away into this little box, and so I'll continue to do so for as long as it sets off those desirable reactions in my brain.