HillClimb Monsters

10.000Rpm Alfa 4C V8 Zytek || VS || 550+Hp Alfa Romeo 4C Turbo

This is a special one, the two Alfa Romeo 4C Monsters created in Italy battling against each other at Verzegnis HillClimb, now faster than ever, after both went quite a lot of development. The same car used as base, but completely different machines from that point on, it´s the Alfa 4C by Picchio, powered by a 2.0L AER Inline 4 Turbo engine( used normally on Endurance Racing Prototypes) against the Alfa 4C "Furore" powered by a 3.0L Naturally Aspirated Zytek V8 unit ( normally used of Formula 3000´s) One driven by Aleassandro Gabrielli and the other by Marco Gramenzi, very experienced HillClimb drivers on their own, both machines went through extensive development during these last two years until becoming the tremendously fast machines seen here. Picchio´s car is now boasting over 550Hp to move less than 900Kg, while Gramenzi´s unit "sings" beautifully at 460Hp/9.000Rpm, all the way up to over 10.000Rpm while weighing just 700Kg. These are two of the most spectacular and better looking Monsters of the Sport, and we expect this battle to continue thoughout the Season. For now, let´s discover who wins this round